What is Pranayama and Types of Pranayama

What is Pranayama and Types of Pranayama --

 In this article we will discuss about Pranayama and different types of Pranayama.Also we will discuss how to practice these Pranayama.So, stay with this article.
What is Pranayama and Types of Pranayama

What is Pranayam?

The word "Pranayam" consist with two word "Prana" and "Yam". Where "Prana" means "Soul" (Atmaa) and "Yam" means "Relexsation". In other word we can say "Pranayam" means "Relexation of the Soul".
                 "Pranayam" playes a great rule in the process of breathing.The three process of Pranayam is "Taking air in, holding air in for few secends and then left the air".This process helps to maintain the balance of Oxizen in our body.By this process makes our body Healthy and Strong.It also helps to grow our physical and mental ability.In ancient time the Monk ( The religious person) Practiced "Pranayam" to keep their good health and positive mind.The three process of "Pranayam" made them very strong with body and mind.As a result they got the ability to do anything in simple way.

In which situation we have to Practice "Pranayam"?

To practice "Pranayam" you have to sit streat forward.There are many process of "Pranayam". For the first time you have to sit streat forward then you have to focus on mind deeply. To do Pranayam your back bone must me fit.Never Practice "Pranayam" when you walking.It can cause may health defect in you body.So, Practice "Pranayam" when you are sitting.

Some rule of "Pranayam"

Before practice "Pranayam" you have to notice or have to follow some rule and regulations.Such as Behaviour, Time, Place, Preparation, Cloths, Air and Meal. Before going to practice "Pranayam" you have to notice these seven things.

a) Behaviour
Start "Pranayam" by sitting stable position and in the position where have no any exitement such as "Padmasan" and "Brajasaan". In this sitting positions we practicing  taking air into our body slowly and leave the air same as slowly.In this practicing there have no any exitement. Practicing these two exercise make our behaviour good and calm.

b) Time
You have to practice "Pranayam" before sun rise and after sun set.Because in this time the nature become very stable,there have no any noise anywhere and the air become pure.So you have to practice "Pranayam" in these two times.

c) Place
Place also take a important rule in the practice of "Pranayam".For practice "Pranayam" the place must be dust free. So the ancient monk pactice "Pranayam" under  the deep forest in a completely dust free environment.So choose a dust free place for practice "Pranayam".

d) Preparation
Practice "Praanayam" in the morning, after bathing and cleanup and practice "Pranaayam" in thee evening after bathing and clean up.So before practice 'Pranayam" have to follow same rule.

e) Cloths
To practice "Pranaayam" we have to wear loose and clean cloths. It makes us comfortable for practicing "Pranayam".So we have to notice about cloths before practice "Pranayam".

f) Air
we have to practice "Pranayam" in pure air. In the morning before sun rise and in the evening after the sun set the air become pure. So we have to practice "Pranayam" in these two time.

g) Food or Meal
When you practicing "Pranayam" have to keep distance from meat, egg, fish and wine and other wine related things. In the periode of practicing "Pranayam" we have to take Veg food. We have to keep distance from Non-Veg food. Taking Veg food makes our personality better and make us good human being.

Who have not to practice "Pranayam'?
The patient who suffuring from heart disease, High Blood Pressure, TB, Tyfoid etc they have not to practice 'Pranayam" without consulting with Doctor.Practicing Pranayam without consulting with doctor is risky for these patient.So without prior consult with the doctor don't practice Pranayam.

Types of "Pranayama"
There are seven types of "Pranayam". Bhastrika Pranayam,Kapal Bhati Pranayam,Bajya Pranayam,Anulom-Bilom,Bhramori Pranayam,Udgrib Pranayam or doing Om Thing, Ujjay Pranayam.These are the types of Pranayam.Which are scientifically tested and certified.

a) Bhastrika Pranayam
To practice "Bhastrika Pranayam" you have to sit in Padmasan means Lotus pose. Then you have to take deep breath and then release the breath after counting five to ten secends. Now begin practicing the technique continuouly upto 21 times by inhaling and exhaling with force and mimicking the panting activity.After practicing more than 21 times when you feel tired you have to take a deep breath with the right side whole of your noose and then have to release the breath with the left side whole of the nose. Healthy and physically fit person have to do this exercise slowly slowly for the first time then increase the speed of doing this exercise.

b) Kapal-Bhati Pranayama
To practice Kapal Bhati you have to sit in same sitting positions like Bhastika pranayam and have to place your hand upon your knees. For the first time you have to take a deep breath and then you have to release the breath slowly slowly as possible as you can release it.You have to practice "Kapal-Bhati" atleast 5 minutes then slowly slowly increase the practicing time. By practicing this exercise or Kapal-Bhati Pranayam, keep us away from many disease such as Thyroid, Cancer, Heart disese, Chinese,Lung disease etc.

c) Bajya-Pranayam
Here Bajya means "External" and pranayam means breathing techniques,so the meaning of "Bajya-Pranayam" means "External Breath".Tking a long and deep breath and then release the breath completely is called Bajya-Pranayam.After exhale the breath hold it as much you can and try to upward your stomach and try to touch your chest with your chin. Then hold it for 10 secends.Try tp practice this exercise 10 to 20 times.

d) Anulom-Bilom
In this exercise you have to take a long and deep breath with the left whole of your nose then have to release it through the right whole of nose.Then again have to take breath with the right whole of nose and then have to release it through the left whole of nose.This process is called "Anulom-Bilom".Practice of "Anulom-Bilom" keep us away from Nerve problem,Kidney problem,Fever and Heart block..

e) Bhramari Pranayam
The word Bhramari means "Bee".When it practicrd it sounds like bee. Bhramari Pranayaam can be practiced in any time of the day. To practice "Bhramari Pranayam" you have to sit in a comfortable sitting positions.If you able sit in flore with a cushion in cross legged positions.Then Close the lips, keeping the teeth slightly apart, and bring the tip of your tongue to the space behind the upper front teeth. Maintain this position of the mouth throughout the practice, frequently checking to ensure that the jaw remains relaxed. Then, close each ear with the thumbs, place the index fingers at the midpoint of the forehead just above the eyebrows and reach the middle, ring, and pinky fingers across the eyes so that the tips of these fingers press softly against the bridge of the nose. To begin, take a long, deep breath in through the nostrils, bringing the breath all the way into the belly. Drop the chin to the chest and begin to release breath slowly, making a steady, low-pitched ‘HMMM’ sound at the back of the throat like the humming of a bee.

f) Udgrib Pranayam or doing "Om" thing
"OM" not a person or any other things. It is a power which control the whole world. To practice "Udgrib Pranayam', have to close eyes and mouth,then take a breath and then exhale the breath slowly slowly and sound "OM" thing with mouth. In this exercise the time of taking breath is 3 secends only and exhale the breath very slow at least 110 secends.Practice of "Udgrib Pranayam" makes our mind stable,make courage and make us happy.

g) Ujjay Pranayam
To practice 'Ujjay Pranayam" have to sit in smoke free place. After sitting in a smoke free place close eyes and mouth and then take a deep breath in and sounds "OM" things when you breathing in.Then hold you breath and step down you head and try to touch you chest with your chin and hold it as possible as you can. when you feel uncomfortable,step-up your head and then close your right side nose and then release breath with the left side nose. Don't exhale your breath when you step-up your head.It keeps us away from Cough,Fever,Thyroid and other disease.
                         These are the types of "Pranayam". Practice these regularly keeps us away from many disease.So, try to practice these Pranayam and make you body healthy and fit and make your mind strong.In this article we discussed about Pranayama, Rule of Pranayama and types of Pranayama. Hope you like this article.If you like this article please comment your valuable comment. Thank You.

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