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Sunday, November 3, 2019

Top 10 Alkalin Foods For our Good Health

Top 10 Alkalin Foods For our Good Health

Hello Friends welcome to my new blog post !! Friends are you feeling lazy and weak ? Do you suffer from headache ,allergies and indigestion?Do you suffer from depression or does one have frequent and severe mood swings ? If these really happens to you this article is for you. Today I'm discussing about the difference between alkaline forming and acid forming foods. I'm going to give you the top 10 foods that you should be eating to alkalize your body which not only improve your overall health but also improve your mood. so what we're talking about the cells and tissues in our body and what makes them function properly and do the work then function that they're supposed to be doing. There are various issues which affect in our body ,tissues and cells.
Another one is pH. Now the pH scale goes from 0 up to 14, where 7 is actually. The earth very close to 7 is actually the pH of water, that's kind of considered neutral and once you're under 7 that's us acidic and once you're over seven that's alkaline. So the optimal pH of the body is actually slightly alkaline somewhere between 7.2 7.5 and the different foods that we eat and different things we put into our body are either going to contribute to a more acidic environment or a more alkaline environment.So researchers have actually found that when the body is in an alkaline state this actually promotes proper self functioning, it promotes healthy tissues and when the body is in an acidic State this actually promotes the growth of cancer cells .it makes it really difficult for cells and tissues to do all the functions they're supposed to be doing.Many researchers have also even said that cancer cells can't even live in an alkaline environment so another example or another way to think about this is to think about a house plant, so if a house plant is given the proper conditions it will flourish and grow ,so it needs the right amount of sunlight ,it needs the right temperature ,it needs the right amount of water, there's all these different factors influencing whether or not that house plant is going to live and flourish or whether or not that house plant is going to die.Our bodies work very much the same way so we want to be thoughtful about the environment that we are creating so what foods are acidic and which foods are acid forming.One kind of misconception is to think that if something tastes acidic or is acidic it forms acid in the body and that's not really quite, how it works.Certain nourishments are corrosive framing and certain food sources are basic shaping.
Top 10 Alkalin foods for our health
Alkalin foods
                       The acid forming foods are processed foods refined sugars refined grains pretty much anytime something is processed even you know minimally that is going to make that acid forming also most meats especially red meat is acid forming and caffeine so sodas and coffee especially flavored coffee drinks is a double offense , because we've not only got the refined sugar ,we've also got a lot of caffeine so you get the idea that the majority of the foods in our diet are actually acid forming and so it contributes to most of the population having an acidic environment. A lot of doctors and researchers would argue that the acidic environment of the body is contributing towards cardiovascular disease ,obesity heart disease and other chronic diseases even cancer.So keeo distance from these foods.

So now let's talk about the alkaline-forming foods.

a) The first alkalin-forming food is lemons . Now some people again might be confused as lemons tastes really acidic but lemons are actually alkaline forming in the body. They actually have a pH around 9 ,so you can imagine this is a very highly alkaline food. so lemonade now I wouldn't recommend going and buying the lemonade on the shelf because that's probably going to have a lot of refined sugar it's not natural lemon but if you're one of these people who drinks a lot of soda or who doesn't like water because it doesn't taste good then a cool idea for you . You might be to add somelemon to your water and if you wanted to add some natural sugar or natural sweeteners to improve it a little bit more - then you coulddo that but just lemon and water would be a great thing to incorporate more into your diet and into your everyday life.

b) The next food is watermelon. Watermelon clocks in also with a pH of 9. Of course watermelon is known for being mostly water. It's a diuretic. It's really great for your kidneys. Watermelon has a lot of health benefits but it's also highly alkalizing so I would recommend adding a lot more watermelon into your diet.

c) The next group is more fruits.I just want to say that in general all of the fruits and vegetables are going to be alkaline forming in your body.So just another reason for me to tell everyone that we should be eating more fruits and vegetables but the particular ones I want to point out our mangoes,papayas and melons.which are also known for being highly alkalizing, they have rich in antioxidants and really good foods to start eating.

d) The next food is actually a spice its cayenne pepper.Cayenne pepper is rich in vitamin A. It has a lot of antibacterial properties as well it is known to really help the endocrine system that is your hormones,your moods ,your emotions. Our hormones are constantly sending messages throughout our body.So cayenne pepper is a really great spice to add into other foods and start incorporating more into your diet as soon as possible.

e) We all know that vegetables are going to have an alkalizing effect on the body.In this way one vegetable that really stands out is Asparagus. Asparagus has a high pH it's really really helpful for you. It also has some amino acids in it that are very important to our nervous system.So making sure that all of our nerves are able to fire off as needed.So Asparagus another really wonderful alkalizing food.

f) A couple of other fruits that are worth mentioning are grapes, bananas ,apples and berries so not only do these fruits have a huge range of different vitamins antioxidants and nutrients but they also are highly alkalizing .Pineapple is also another one and another cool thing about fruits and especially pineapple is that they contain fiber so they're going to help contribute to making you feel full and all of us would like to feel less hungry so pineapple contains a lot of fiber. Pineapple is kind of praised for being this really great diet food that helps you trim fat shape your body and get that satisfied full feeling.

g)Another Alkalin food is Tofu Which isn't really considered alkalizing and a lot of people consider it acid forming but tempeh or fermented tofu fermented soy is actually an alkalizing food.

h)Another Alkalin food is yogurt.Normal Yougurt is not have very health benefit's.But if you're eating a high-quality fermented food even if it's sauerkraut or yogurt or whatever those are alkalizing foods and they're really good for you.

i) The next group of foods isn't really a food but its fruit juices. So fruit juices generally have a pH around 8.5 depending on the fruits. But of course it's very very important that you're making sure that you're drinking a hundred percent natural fruit juices or maybe even juicing the fruits yourself. Because a lot of the fruity drinks and even a lot of the juice drinks if you have turned it over it actually tells you it's only ten percent juice or it's only 80 percent juice and you want to make sure that you're drinking things that are a hundredpercent natural juice and they don't have any weird chemicals or things added to them. It's always going to be better for you to opt for eating the whole fruit itself because then it's got fiber that's going to help fill you up.It's just got a bit more of an edge versus having the juice but drinking fruit juices is going to be way better than drinking sodas or drinking coffee or anything like that.

j) The last group of foods that I want to mention is the sea vegetables so that's nori or seaweed,which is the paper that they use to wrap up sushi.There are actually a lot of different varieties of seaweed ,that you can purchase at a health food store.You can throw them onto a salad, you can add them to soups, you can incorporate them into other Asian dishes or Thai dishes.This are really helpful for you. When you look at Asian populations one of the big health foods that are these sea vegetables.

So these are the top 10 Alkalin foods which have a great benefit’s for our health.I would encourage you to incorporate these foods more into your diet. I wish you like this article. If you like then comment me your thinking. If you liked this Article and be sure to tick to the notify option of this site.

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