Some Important rule of doing Yoga asanasa and it's affect on our body with some restrictions

Some Important rule of doing Yoga asanasa and it's affect on our body with some restrictions

In this article we will discuss about some rule of Yoga-asana.Which we must have to follow during practicing of Yoga-asana. But before going to discuss about the rule of Yoga-asana we have to know about what is Yoga and what is called Yoga-asana.Let's discuss.

What is Yoga?   

            Live same in all changing situation is called yoga.The ancient monk always live same life in every changing situation only because of Yoga.There are four types of Yoga  mentioned in the Upanishad. These are - Mantra-Yoga, Laya-Yoga, Hatha Yoga,Raja Yoga.

Some important rule of Yoga-asana

1) Mantra-Yoga -

             In this step of Yoga,You will be accomplish by chanting the name of Gog for twelve years with the term and conditions of Chanting.

2) Laya-Yoga -

             Taking the name of God during the time of Morning and night on the bed before sleep is called Lay Yoga.

3) Hatha-Yoga -

              Making our mind and heart clean and pure with the help of defferent posture, asana and Pranayam is called Hatha-Yoga.

4) Raja Yoga -

Meeting with the soul by Pranayam,asana and meditation is called Raja Yoga.

Affect of Yoga upon our body

               Practicing of Yoga has many affection in our body.It make our nerve system fresh and also maintain the blood circulation which may create new power in our body and make our body strong and powerful.It provides power to our body to fight against disease.Practice of Asana and Pranayam prevent the Diabetes, Heart problems and lungs disease and make our body strong,fit and beautiful.

What is Yoga-asana?

           Yoga-asana is a part of "Astanga-Yoga".There are eight steps of "Astanga-asana". Yoga-asana is the fourth part of Astanga-yoga.According to wikipedia an asana is a body posture,a sitting pose.According to Wikipedia,there are almost 174 Asanas.Some of these are - Adho mukh Shavanasana,Adho mukh brikshasana,Akarna Dhanurasana,Anantasana,Anjaneyasana etc etc.

Some important rule of Yoga

                 Yoga-asana is a part of Astanga-Yoga means (eight steps Yoga).There are eight steps in Astanga-Yoga.These are - Yam means decease,Niom means Term,Pranayam, Yoga-Asana means sitting positions, Pratyahar means disclaim,Dharana means concept,Dhyan means meditation and Samadhi means grave. There are some important rule of Yoga Asana which we must have to follow. The people between 6 to 95 Years can practice YOGA. But there are some specific rule for every group of age. Which we must have to follow to get better results.

Some Rule for Yoga-asana are

a) The children between the age of 6 to 12 have to practice all asana of Yoga up to 10 seconds only.
b) The Children between the age of 12 to 15 years have to practice Yoga-Asana up to 20 seconds.After practicing for some days,they can increase the time of Practice.
c) During the time of  practicing Yoga-Asana, focus on the target for which purpose you are practicing Yoga.
d) You have to practice Yoga-asana on the floor by sitting in a comfortable position .
e) During the practice of Yoga-asana you have to wear light weight cloths.
f) During the practice of Yoga-asana, control your breath as normal as.
g) After doing any asana you have to rest for some times.
h) Most important rule is you must have to practice Mid-Term exercise for some time before doing Yoga-asana.There are seven types of mid-term exercices.
( Read about mid-term exercices and about its benifit's)
                  These are the rule of Yoga-asana which we must have to follow to get better results.

Some important things about Yoga-asana

i) Practice Yoga-asana in an open area or in a fresh air.
ii) Set a time of practicing yoga-asana. Try to practice yoga in the same time everyday.
iii) If you practicing yoga-asana then drink up to 3 liter water daily. Drink water one hour before taking   meal and one hour after taking meal.
iv) During the practice of Yoga-asana, no need to sleep in day.
v) Practice Yoga-asana after 4 to 5 hours after taking meal.
vi) After practice a Yoga-Asana upto 15 to 30 seconds take a rest 10 seconds.Then again practice 5 to 6 times.
vii) During the time of practicing Yoga-asana ,never stay for long time without eating food.
viii) Practice yoga-asana in a clean place not in a dirty place.
ix) Practice Yoga-asana away from noise and other sounds effects.

Who have not to practice Yoga-asana
          a)  The patient who have suffered heart disease, Blood pressure and eye problems they have not to practice Yoga-asana without prior advice of medical consultant.
         b) Pregnant women have not to practice Yoga-asana without proper advice of Doctor.

Some wrong things about Yoga-asana
           There are some wrong things about Yoga-asana. Which we have to avoid. These are discussed below

a) Many people say that we have to drink Milk and have to eat meat,fish,Egg when practicing Yoga-asana or Pranayam.If we do not eat these foods, It cause health problems.But this is not true. No need to eat these food. Any one can practice Yoga-asana by taking normal food.
b) Some people, who do not practice Yoga-asana, they think that by practicing Yoga-asana will break their legs and hands.But this is not true. Practicing of Yoga-asana make our legs and hand strong.
c) The people who works on Company and ground, they think, they don't need to practice Yoga-asana because they did very much physical work. But this is not true. They also have need to practice Yoga-asana. Because they become tired after working on ground for along time.So they need a freshness and Yoga can make them fresh.So they also have to practice Yoga-asana or Pranayam.

        Some people ask questions that if Yoga can make us healthy and fit,then what is the need of the doctor?In this matter Dr. Jonas Salk said that -- " Don't carry out research based on modern medicine. Modern medicine is the science of disease.Yoga is a science of health.You will have to find out yourself what are the ways to measure health."

Some restrictions for Women

However male and female both can practice Yoga-asana. But there are some restrictions for women in practicing yoga-asana. Some restrictions for women in practicing Yoga-asana are
            a) They do not have to practice in the first seven days of her period start.
            b) Pregnant women do not have to practice Yoga-asana after 3 months.
            Women have to follow this rule in practicing Yoga. Other wise it can cause problems for women.In this article we discussed all about the rule and regulations of doing "Yoga-asana". Always follow this rule,during practice of Yoga-asana.

In this article we discussed about some rule of doing Yoga-asana. Hope you like this article.If you like this article please comment your suggestion and keep supporting and keep loving us. Thank You.

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