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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Health related Yoga asanas that maakes us healthy, fit and strong

Health related Yoga asana means Sasthya-asana

In this article we will discuss about the Sasthy asana and benefits of Sasthya asana.These Sathya-asana means health yoga asana help us to prevent and fight with disease.These makes us strong and healthy.So stay with this article and practice these asanas by following the pictures and note write in this post.
Heath-related Yoga-asanas
Heath-related Yoga-asanas

Sasthya-Asana means Healthy Yoga-asana

Meditation means Dhyana-Asana makes our mind stable and give us peace and help us to improve our mental health.Like this Sathya-Asana means healthy yoga asana help us to make our body fit and healthy.It improves our working capacity and makes our body healthy and strong. It makes healthy connectivity between nurve and other organs of our body.Practice of Sasthya-asana helps to prevent the disease.

Some important things about Sasthya asana or healthy yoga asana --

a) Practice Sasthya-asana only one or two times in a day.Not more than two.

b) Never practice Sasthya-asana for a long time.There is limitation of time for practicing Sasthya-Asana.

c) Never hurry during the practice of Sasthya-asana.Never practice Sasthya-asana in lack of time and opportunity.

d) Never hardly Practice Sasthya-asana.Practice slowly slowly to make perfact exercise.

e) Never practice more than five Sasthya-asana.

f) Women have not to practice Sasthya-asana during periode and Pragnent.

g) Always follow time table to practice Sasthya-asana.Always Practice Sasthya asana in the same time.

h) Never change the time table of doing Sasthya-asana.

These are important things or rule about doing Sasthya-asana.Follow this rule during practice of Sasthya-asana.There are 80 types of Sasthya-asana.Some of these are -- Uddhita Padma-asana, Bandha Padma-asana, Urdha Padma-asana,Urdha-sangjukta padma-asana,ardha-bandho padma-asana, Supta Braja-asana, Bhu-naman asana,baka-asana,Kukku-tasana,Parbot-asana mountain pose asana,Singha-asana means Lion pose asana, Yoga-nidra-asana, Garva-asana, Gadura-asana, Brikha-asono means tree pose, Utkota-asana, Saba-asana, Bhujanga-asana, Salbha-asana, Ardho-solbha asana, Dhanur-asana means bow pose, Sakra-asana means circle pose,Purna-sakra-asana means complete circle pose, Brishik-asana, Ardho-chandra-asana means half-moon pose, Padma-hasto asana, Trikun-asana, Sasanga-asana, Yoga-mudra, Maha-mudra, Moha-bandho mudra etc. These are the different types of Sathya-asana. Some of these are quite difficult to analyse or discuss.So we will discuss two or three asana only.

1)Udhita Padma-asana --

First you have to sit on Padmasana and place both of the hand on the floor and then leave the whole body weight upon both the hands and try to lift up the body.Take breath as normal as during the practice of this Asana. Practice this asana up to 15 secends and then rest for 10 secends and after that practice again.

Benefits of Udhita Padmasana --

a) It makes strong the muscles of hand, shoulder and stomach.
b) It help is reduce the fat of our body.

2) Bandha Padmasana --

First have to sit on Padmasana. Then catch the right legs finger by right hand placing upon the back and catch the left legs fingers by left hands placing upon the back. Look in the front.Practice this Asana for 30 secends and then rest for 10 secends.After rest for 10 secends change the legs and practice this exercise again.

Benefits of this asana -

a) It reduce the pain of back bone.

3) Urdha-padma-asana -

Practice this asana by following the picture. Practice this for 5 to 6 secends and then rest for 10 to 15 secends.

Benefits --

a) Women who suffering from pregnancy problem ,this exercuse is helpful for them.
b) The paitient who are suffering from the disease of stomach and chest,this exercise is also helpful for them.

4)Supta-Braja-Asana --

First sit on the position of braja-asana.Then practice Supta-braja-asana by following the steps showing on the picture.Practice this exercise for 30 secends at the first time.Then increase the time of practicing.

Benefits of Supta-Braja-Asana --

a) It reduce the problem of digest system.

5)Bhunaman-asana --

First sit on the position of braja-asana.Then practice this asana by following the steps showing on the picture.In this asana when you practicing you have to take breath slowly slowly and also have to leave breath slowly slowly.Practice this exercise for 5 secends and for 4 to 5 times in a day.

Benefits of Bhunaman-asana --

a)Practicin of this asana prevent the problem of liver.
b) It prevent the Diabetes and many more disease.

6) Parbat-asana means mountain pose -


To practice this exercise you have to sit in the Padma-asana. Then join both of the hands and then touch the floore with knee and lift up both hands upon your head like a mountain. When you practicing this exercise you have to control your breath as normal as you can.Practice this exercise for 30 secends and four to five times in a day.

Benefits of this asana --

a) It reduce the pain of knee and shoulder.
b) It is help the patient of Spondylitis.

7) Brikha-asana means Tree pose --


First stand up by keeping whole body weight on right leg and touch the hip of the right leg by the left leg and join both the hands and 
make a pose like tree seeing in the picture. Practice this exercise for 30 secends and four times in a day.

Benefits of this asana--

a) It helps in increase the power of legs.

These are some Sathya-asana.In this article we discussed about the Sathya-asanas means heath-related yoga-asanas and its benefits.Hope you like this article.If you like this article please comment to me.

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