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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

What is Surya-Namaskar? Benefit's and steps of Surya-Namaskar.

SURYA-NAMASKAR - Surya Namaskar is a part of Yoga.In this article we will discuss about Surya-Namaskar, Asana of Surya-Namaskar and benefit's of Surya-Namaskar. So stay with this article.



Sun is the source of power of the Earth. The animal,plants and also human being can never live without power of the Sun.The plant makes their food in the light of the Sun and live life . Trees are dependable upon the Sun and the animal and human being are dependable upon the trees. As we can say the whole world depend upon the sun.So from the ancient time the people are doing "Surya Namaskar".Surya-Namaskar means praying toSun.
    There are ten pose or steps of "Surya-Namaskar".These are -- a) Dakhya-asana, b)Namaskar-asana,c)Parbatkar-asana, d) Hastapaduka-asana, e) Akapada-asana, f) Bhutala-asana, g) Sastanga-asana, h)Bhujanga-asana, i) Bhu-dhara-asana, j)Akapada-asana 2nd. These are the main steps or pose of "Surya-Namaskar".

The methods of doing "Surya Namaskar" or poses of "Surya Namaskar"

There are some steps or poses of Surya-Namaskar with rule and methods of doing these steps or Poses. To do Surya Namaskar we have to follow these rule and regulation.

 a) Dakhya-Asana

For the first time you have to fit and straight your body from head to legs.Then join your knees and fit the arms. Try to stable your body. Then touch the body with hands and stand-up straight.While doing these focus on your nose till you have done the complete pose.

Benifits of "Dakhya-Asana" 

There are some benifits of "Dakhya-Asana".These are

  1. It keeps us healthy and fit.
  2. It gives us seriousness.
  3. Make our legs strong and fit.
  4. Prevent Skin disease and reduce the back pain.

b) Namaskar-asana --

For the first time stand straight,join both the hands like prayer pose and bring both the hands close to chest and then release the breath slowly slowly.

Benifits of "Namaskar-asana"

There are also some benefits of 'Namaskar-Asana".Such as -
  1.  It gives us relief from neck pain.
  2.  It reduce the sound distortion problems.

c) Parbatkaar-asana

With the same Praying pose,raise up your hand in the air and push your body backward as possible as you can.Don't try to do over.It could get injured.

Benifits of Parbatkaar-Asanas 

  1.  It reduce the stomach problems.
  2.  It reduce the eye vision problems.
  3.  It makes our shoulder strong.


Keep the feet or legs fit and and join both the knees. Make a balance on body and then try to touch the floor with hands. Do not ben the knees.

Benifits of Hastapaduka-asana 

  1.    It keeps our body healthy and fit.
  2.   It reduce the stomach problems.
  3.   Make the finger of feet and hands strong.

e) Ekapada-asana 

In the Ekapada-asana have to sitting down and take one leg backwards in stretching position and the other leg should be at the knee ,then place both hands on the ground on the either side of the front leg and put the chest weight on the front leg.

Benifits of Ekapada-asana 

  1.     It help in reducing the neck problems.
  2.    It also help to reduce premature-ejaculation.

f) Bhutala-asana

Place both the feet backward and keep the both hands in the same position as "ekapada-asana".Keep the face downward and bring the chest and knees with the whole body close to the floor. Then put the whole body weight on the both hands. and up the body and then focus on the knees and release the breath slowly slowly.
                     In this exercise 8 points of your body touch the floor.These are -- both palm,both toes,both knees,chest and the forehead.

Benifits of Bhutala-asana

  1.     It reduce the pain of hand, feet and knees.

g) Sastanga-asana

Sit on the floor by bending both the knees and place both the knees in the same position. Then try to touch the floor with the chest.Sleep by placing the chin on the ground.Then take a breath and then touch the chest with the palms ans then try to touch the floor with the elbow.

Benifits of Sastanga-Asana

  1.     It is very banificial for the children.It makes them strong.
  2.    It also helpful for Women.It makes their arms strong.

h) Bhujanga-asana

First you have to sleep as a ventricumbent on the floor.Then you have to keep the legs, Knees and palm fit on the ground or floor and then take a deep breath and lift the body above the waist.Then lift the elbow and keep the palm on the ground and wait for sometime.

Benifits of Bhujanga-Asana

  1.      It keeps our eyes healthy.

i) Bhudhara-asana --

For the first time you have to keep the knees fit and then keep the breath in for some times then have to keep the legs fit and then try to touch you chest with the chin.

Benifits of Bhudhara Asana 

  1.       It reduce the pain of legs and makes them strong.
  2.     It also reduce the hair problem.

j) Ekapada-asana 2nd 

For the first time place a legs knee in the front side without bending and then ben the waist. After that take a deep breath and then place the palmistry on floor and  keep the palm on the opposite side.

Benifits of Ekapada Asana 2nd 

  1.      It reduce the pain of knees.
  2.      Make the back-bone and legs strong.

These are the types and pose of "Surya Namaskar" with the benifits of all pose.In this article we discussed about Surya-namaskar,Steps or poses of Surya-Namaskar and benefit's of Surya namaskar. Hope you like this article.If you like please comment you suggestions and keep supporting and loving us.Thank You.

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