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Monday, September 16, 2019

Top 5 easy ways to keep your heart Healthy by practicing Yoga

Yoga and heart health - In this article we will discuss about how to keep our heart healthy by practicing yoga or how does Yoga keeps our heart healthy.So stay with this article.

Yoga and Heart Health
Yoga and Heart Health

Yoga and Heart health

Now a days the heart disease and heart problems are become common for all.Pressure of daily working activity, stress,Un-healthy food,over thinking,lack of exercise,using mobile and other electronic things and many more, which increase the rate of heart disease. Now every people in the world become a heart patient. There is only one way to control heart disease or problems that is " Yoga". There are various exercises in yoga-asana which directly reduce the heart disease. Exercise of Yoga not only increase the rate of heart bit but also it prevent the heart disease.In this article we will discuss about all the "Asana" of Yoga related with hearth.So stay with this article.

The first steps is doing pranayam.

    Pranayam is a part of Yogasan.There also some important steps in pranayam which reduce the chance of Heart disease.There are seven steps of Pranayam. The second step of Pranayam that is Kapal-Bhati,Practice of Kapal-bhati can prevent heart problems or heart disease..Fourth steps of Pranayam that is "Anulom-Bilom" and fifth steps of Pranayam that is "Bhramori-Pranayam" also can prevent heart problems or heart disease.Practice of these Pranayam,make our heart healthy.

Kapal-Bhati Pranayam --

      Here "Kapal" Means "head" and Bhati means Blood.It focus only on the process of exhale.To practice this Pranayam,have to sit on the Padmasan means Lotus pose.Then take deep breath and then exhale the breath completely.Practice of this exercise may effect in the process of Blood circulation.Practice this exercise up-to 5 mins.
        It can prevent many disease like Thyroid,Cancer, Heart disease and lungs problems.So Heart patient can practice Kapal-Bhati Pranayam to prevent heart problems.Thus we can say Practice of Kapal-Bhati,make our heart healthy.

Anulom-Bilom --

The fourth steps of Pranayam that is Anulom-Bilom play a great rule in maintaining our heart health.In this step,have to take a deep breath by the left nose pore and then Exhale the breath by the right side pore of the nose.First you have to sit in the Padmasan means Lotus pose.Then have to close the right side pore of the nose with the help of right hand thumb and take a breath.After that close the left side pore of the nose with the help of ring Finger and Middle Finger and then exhale the breath.Then again take a breath with right side pore of the nose and then exhale the breath with left side pore of the nose. 
           Practice this exercise up-to 5 mins for the first time.Then increase the practicing time.It can be practices maximum 30 mins only. Practice of Anulom-Bilom may prevent heart blockage, nerve problems, Kidney problems and many other disease.So , practicing of this exercise keep our heart healthy.

Bhramori-Pranayam --

It is also another important Asana or steps of Pranayama, Which play a important role in maintaining of our heart health.First you have to sit in meditation pose. Then place the middle and ring finger upon the both eyes.Don't be force upon the eyes.Then close the ear with the thumb of the both hands.After that take a breath for three secends and then release the breath slowly slowly up-to ten secends and do "OM" thing with the neck by closing the mouth.
           Practice this exercise 11 to 21 times.Practicing this exercise may prevent mental pressure and sleeping problems.Also it may prevent the heart problems.This exercise is very helpful for heart patient.

These are the important exercise of Pranayama, which may keep our heart healthy and away from heart disease or heart problems. There is also some important posture of Pranayama, Which may keep our heart healthy and away from heart disease.Some of these important posture,are discussed below.

Posture of Pranayama --

There are eleven posture of Pranayam such as Meditation posture, Air posture,sky posture,Earth posture,life posture,Apan posture (Apan means fart),Apan Air posture,Fire posture,Baruna posture,Siva posture and breath posture.Among these postures the Sky posture and Apan air posture can make our heart healthy and keep away from heart disease.

Sky Posture --

Yoga and Heart Health
Yoga and Heart Health

To practice this posture, touch the thumb finger with the middle finger and hold them with force and keep other fingers straight.Practice this posture 10 to 15 mins.
         Practice of this posture may prevent heart disease, Thyroid and Ear problems.

Apan air posture --

Yoga and Heart Health
Yoga and Heart Health

In this posture touch the thumb finger with ring finger, middle finger and index finger. Keep Only the baby finger straight.
        Practice of this exercise may prevent the Blood pressure,Headache and also it may reduce the chance of heart disease.By practicing this exercise,heart patient may get relief from heart problems.

These are the posture of Pranayam ,which are very helpful for our heart or heart health.

To keep our heart healthy and away from heart disease sleeping is also important.Good sleep make our mind and body fresh and and energetic.A good sleep also keeps us away from depression, over thinking and tension which are the causes of heart problem or heart disease.A good sleep gives us energy to tackle the problems and help us to over come from over thinking Thus a good sleep always plays an important role in maintain heart health. So good sleeping is also essential for our heart health.

          There some steps or pose of Pranayam that help us to sleep well.These steps are - 
Udgrib Pranayam or doing OM thing

Udgrib Pranayam --

To practice Udgrib Pranayam first you have to close both eye and mouth,then take a deep breath for three seconds and after that release the breath slowly slowly by doing OM thing for ten seconds.
              Practice of Udgrib Pranayam help us to sleep well.As we know the sleeping problem may also cause heart problems,so we can practice Udgrib pranayam to keep our health healthy.

            Also there are some Posture which may help in sleeping.Such as - Meditation posture and Life posture.These posture help us in sleeping.As it can help our hearth healthy.

Meditation posture --

Touch the thumb finger with index finger and keep the other fingers straight.Practicing this posture during the time of Morning and evening and do this for upto fifteen times.
            Practicing this posture increase our brain memory and reduce the sleeping problems.

Life posture --

Yoga and Heart Health
Yoga and Heart Health

In this posture, touch the thumb finger with ring finger and baby finger and hold them for 30 seconds. Keep the middle and index finger straight.Practicing of this posture make our mind happy and helps in reducing the problems of sleeping which may effect in heart health.
         So these are the way of keeping our heart healthy and away from heart problems or disease.To keep our heart healthy we also have to maintain our food habit.
         Maintain Your food habit regularly and do Yoga practice regularly to get better results.To make your heart healthy take veg food and eat fruits like apple,grape,Papaya and also drink milk and focus on sleep. Maintaining all these make our heart healthy.Always live free minded.Never over think.If you feel depression or tension practice these Yoga steps or asanas. Try to make a habit of doing Yoga-sana or pranayam regularly.

In this article we discussed about how Yoga keep our heart healthy. Hope you like this. If You like this article please comment me your suggestion and keep loving and keep supporting us. Thank you.

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