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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

How does we live fit and healthy?

How does we live fit and healthy ?

Hello friends in this article we will discuss about how does we live fit and healthy.In this article we will discuss about some trick and tips to live healthy.So stay with this article.

How to live healthy and fit
How to live healthy and fit

How to live healthy and fit ?

Before going to know about how to live healthy and fit we have to know what is called health and then we have to know when we called healthy person.

What is health?

In normal way we can say health means lack of disease.Health means live fit and strong with mind and body means physically and mentally.Health also means the capability of easy recover from disease and other physical and mental problems.WHO (World Health Organisation) defines that ''" Health is a state of complete physical, metal and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."" From this definition we can say that health is not only the lack of disease but it also refers the mental and social capabilities of a man.

What is called healthy person?

The person who have no any kinds of Physical and mental problems or disease and has the capability to recover from any illness situation is called healthy person.There are three basic and important things to live a healthy and fit life.Such as - Food, Sleep and Celibacy.To live a healthy and fit life you have to keep healthy these three things.

(a) Food --

To live a healthy life always take limited and balanced food which your body needed to be healthy.Always eat the seasonable food or vegetables.Take Protein and nutrients food.It makes our body fit and healthy.Take seasonable fruits.Fruits gives us protein,energy and helps us to live healthy.There are some important food taking time,which we have to follow to live healthy.

In which time you have to take which kinds of food --

Before taking meal you have to mind some important things,such as - at the time of morning, evening and night we have to follow time table of taking meal.In the morning we always have to take food between 8 AM to 9 AM.In the evening or afternoon time we have to take lunch between 11 AM to 12 PM.At the night we have to take dinner before 9 PM.The people above the years of fifty, they do not have to take food in the morning and have to take food in the afternoon between 11 AM to 12 PM and in the night take meal before 8 PM.We have to follow a time table.
             In the morning we have to take limited beverage food and fruits,which fulfill the need of nourishment in our body.In the evening or afternoon we have to take balance food.In the night we have not to take meat, fish, egg and this kind of non-veg food. Taking vegetable is suitable for our health.

Balanced food --

How to live healthy and fit
How to live healthy and fit

Any kinds of food that contains protein,carbohydrates,fats,vitamins,minerals and water , is called balanced food.Balanced food plays an important role in maintaining our health.It provides essential things that needed to our health.Lack of balance food may cause various disease and make our body weak.

(b) Sleep -- 

To live a healthy life, one person have to take a sleep up to 6 to 8 hours.Going early to bed in the night and leave the bed early in the morning is good for our health.But now a days pressure of work and many other things,disturbing in this way to go early to bed in the night and also leave the bed early in the morning.

(c) Celibacy -- 

Controlling of greed,anger and deed is called celibacy.Never think only about yours, always think about others, gives us peace.There are some other important things to keep our body and mind healthy and fit. Such as -- Exercise, bath and meditation.To live a healthy life we have to maintain these three thing also.

Exercise -- 

How to live healthy and fit
How to live healthy and fit

To make our body dynamic and moving exercise play an important role like food,sleep.Now a day every men or women are suffering from blood pressure, heart disease,Diabetes, gas acidity,only because of lack of physical work or exercise. So to reduce these problems or disease we have to practice daily exercise.Only exercise can prevent such kinds of disease and makes us healthy and fit.You can practice mid-term exercises of Pranayama to live a healthy life.Mid term-exercise of Pranayama also help in maintain our health.

Bath --

Practicing Pranayama,Exercise and Yoga-asana makes our body and mind healthy fit but it creates extra hit in our body which is not good for our health. So to reduce this kind of hit we have to take bath. So always take a bath after practicing any exercise or Pranayama,Yoga-asana.

Meditation --

After practicing Yoga-asana,bath and other exercises, to feel happiness, peace every person have to do meditation at least 45 minutes. It makes our mind happy and peace.

These are the way of living healthy and fit. Always maintain time table of taking food,sleep well and control greed,anger and deed and practice pranayama,Yoga-asana and exercise and regular bath to live a healthy and fit life.In this article we discussed about "" How to live healthy and fit"" hope you like this article. If you like this article please comment your valuable advice to me.Thank you for reading this article.Keep loving and keep supporting to provide you such a good information.

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