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Friday, September 20, 2019

Eight Parts of Yoga means Astanga Yoga and Cure of Astanga-Yoga

Astanga-Yoga and Cure of Astanga - In this article we will discuss about Astanga and the cure of Astanga.So,stay with this article.

Astanga Yoga
Astanga Yoga
Astanga-Yoga and cure of Astanga -The word "Astanga" is consist with two words "Asta" means "Eight" and "Anga" means "Parts". So, the meaning of  "Astanga-Yoga" is "Eight Parts of Yoga". There are eight parts in Yoga. Such as - Yam ,Niom means Terms, Pranayam, Asana, Pratyahara means disclaim, Dharana means assumption, Dhyan means Meditation and Samadhi means Grave.These are the eight parts of Yoga which is called "Astanga-Yoga".

Parts of Astanga-Yoga 

1) Yam 

Thre are five parts of Yam. Such as -- Ahingsa means Non-violence, Satya means Truth, Asteyo means away from Grab,Brahma-charjya means Celibacy and Aparigrahaan means Satisfied with limited things.Now lets discuss about these five parts.

a) Ahingsa means Non-violence -

Living away from hard anyone, thinking bad about anyone, telling bad about anyone and loving all the animal is called Ahingsa.

b) Satya means the Truth -

Satya means explain the things as it is, which is the real or true. It means never tell those things that makes anyone hard.

c) Asteo

Asteo means away from grab.Never steal any things from anyone. Ask him for but never try to steal any thing  and live happy with your own property.Never crave on others property is called Asteo.

d) Brahma-Charjya

Use or appoint Your eye,ear,nose and tongue for good. Live in justice, behave as a good person is called Brahma-Charjya.

e) Aparigrahan

Aparigrahan means satisfied with limited things. Earn money and live a modern life is not the main purpose of our life. The main purpose of our life is praying to God.       

2) Niom means Rule

The second anga or part of Astanga of Yoga is Niom.There are five parts of Niom. Such as Soch means Dejection.It also means the purity or cleanness, Santusti means Satisfaction that means live happy with the property you have, Tapa means Meditation , Adhyai Chapter and attention to God.These are the parts of Niom or Rule.

3) Pranayama

Astanga Yoga/Pranayama
Astanga Yoga/Pranayama

The third anga or part of Astanga-Yoga is Pranayama.The word "Pranayam" consist with two word "Prana" and "Yam". Where "Prana" means "Soul" (Atmaa) and "Yam" means "Relexsation". In other word we can say "Pranayam" means "Relexation of Soul".

4) Asana

Astanga Yoga/Yoga-asana
Astanga Yoga/Yoga-asana

Asana is also called Yoga-asana.There are various Asanas in Practicing of Yoga.Such as Padma-asana,Bhadra-asana,Sid-dhaa-asana and Sukha-asana.There are some rule of Asana and restrictions in Practicing Yoga-asana.

Read this article to know more

5) Pratyahara or disclaim 

Control upon mind and body is called Pratyahara or disclaim.Through the practice of Pratyahara or disclaim the ancient monk become able to control their mind and body.The addiction about Sound,Beauty and our life which have no any steadiness,keeps us away from self welfare. So,with the help of Pratyahara or disclaim, we can develop our self.

6) Dharana means assumption 

Practice of Pratyahara help us in control our mind and body. Address our control mind and body is called Dharana or assumption.

7) Dhyana means meditation 

Thinking only about God is called Meditation or Dhyana.Meditation or Dhyana is an important part of our life.Without Meditation there is no completeness in our life. Meditation is a composite action.There are nine important rule of doing Dhyana or meditation. Such as -

(a) Make your mind stable before doing dhyana or meditation.
(b) Practice kapal-bhati and Anulom-Bilom ten to five minutes before doing dhyana or 
(c) Make Dhyana or meditation the first priority during the time of doing dhyana. Never think other things when you are doing Dhyana or meditation.
(d) When you doing Dhyana keep your mind away from attractions like beauty, love,scent and sound.
(e) Rapt your breath with your mind during the time of doing Dhyana or meditation.
(f) Before doing Dhyana think your-self as Nih-swa-rikta means poor and empty.
(g) During the time of Dhyana or meditation, think what you are doing only because of  advice of the God.This means the God advising you to do what you are doing.
(h) Practice Dhyana or Meditation by living in Pure soul.
(i)  Practice Japa,worship to God and dhyana or meditation always upto one hour.
These are nine important rule of Dhyana or Meditation.

8) Samadhi means Grave

Samadhi or Grave is the last part of Astanga-Yoga.When any one become faint by doing Dhyana or meditation is called Samadhi or Grave.These are eight parts of Yoga which is called Astanga-Yoga. In this article we discussed all about the eight parts of Yoga. Hope you like this article. If you like this article please comment your valuable advice to me. Thank you. Keep loving and keep supporting.

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