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Friday, September 6, 2019

"Various Benifits of Yoga" ,What is Yoga?

Benifits of Yoga - In this article we will discuss about the benefits of Yoga and what is called Yoga. So stay with this article.                                                   
What is Yoga and benifit's of Yoga
What is Yoga and benifit's of Yoga
Benifits of Yoga.

             Before going to know about benefits of Yoga,we have to know about what is called "Yoga"? What is the meaning of "Yoga"? Is it an exercise or not ? 
                          Sadhguru defines that 'Yoga that brings us to reality".Some people doing 'Yoga" for entertainment and Some people doing as an exercise. However the main purpose of all is to maintain a good Health whether people call it "entertainment" or "Exercise". Yoga means reality where one can knows the goal of our existence and the way it is made.
                          Yoga does not refers as an idea, a philosophy or as a concept .If it becomes an experiential reality It will bring forth a tremendous experience of life. Individuality Yoga means an idea but Universality is not an idea, it is a reality. In other words, yoga means feeling reality not an imagine world or not mean for any idea.
                         Yoga related with Indian group of physical, mental and spiritual disciplines. Yoga is Hindu philosophical traditions there is six orthodox schools.The origin of " Yoga " came from  Pre-Vedic Indian Traditions,Rig-Veda mentioned about the Yoga. Later Yoga Guru from India introduced Yoga to the west. In the 19th and 20th century Swami Vivekananda adapted "Yoga Asanas" outside India. Yoga is not only Exercise in India , it is an Traditions more than Exercise.
                       Now the question is why we have to practice Yoga? Why we have to make Yoga as a part of our daily life? What are the benefits of Yoga? Does it provide us any health benefit?

What is "Yoga" and what are the benifits of "Yoga"
What is "Yoga" and what are the benifits of "Yoga"

Health Benefits of Yoga

                              Want to know the benefits of Yoga or looking for the reason to try Yoga? There are various benefits of Yoga. If any one can do Yoga regularly his/her life will become healthy, happier and they will get the capacity to takle the problems of life in simple way. These are the benefits of Yoga.If anyone try Yoga he/She can sleep better or getting cold and feels relax. Yoga increased the power of body and similarly the power of mind. The origin of " Yoga " came from  Pre-Vedic Indian Traditions,Rig-Veda mentioned about the Yoga. The term "Yoga" is a modern term of " Hatha Yoga". Yoga consist a large number of Asanas. Practicing of all these "Asanas" that give us great benefits. Among these Asanas "Meditation" plays a great rule in the process of increasing mind power.
                          However Science provided some point about the benefits of Yoga "How it makes our health better" ,"How it reduce pain and other problems" and "how it keep us away from sickness".
               I mentioned these benefits of Yoga by researching indifferent websites and also from some personal Experience.The benefits of Yoga are mentioned below..

a) It makes us Strong

                         If any one try Yoga regularly it makes our mind and body very strong. It helps us to prepare mentaly to face all problems in our life.Also Yoga makes our muscles strong which make our body strong and prevent the back pain and help to prevent fall in elderly people.

b) It makes us flexible

                         Yoga makes us flexible. When you first time try to do all the exercise you won't be able to do. But if you stick with it ,notice impossible poses will become possible.Also notice the aches and pains start to disappear.

c) Yoga helps to Improve our Heart Health

           The health of Our heart is an essential component for our health.One study found that those people who practiced Yoga regularly they had a lower blood pressure and lower pulse rate than those people who didn't practice Yoga.Those people who didn't practice Yoga they sufured from high blood pressure,which is one of the major reason of heart problems such as heart attacks and heart stroke. Yoga helps in pumping bloods throughout the body to supply tissues with nutrients.It helps to droop the blood pressure.Some research suggested that doing Yoga regularly can helps slow the progression of heart disease.

d) Yoga Improves Quality of Life

                      Now a days every people becoming aware about Yoga. Every people make Yoga as a part of their regular life because they know that Yoga can improve the quality of their life. Yoga help to reduce the causes of Cancer. Also Yoga improve the sleeping quality, improve our social behaviour and also helps us to reduce anxiety. Overall Yoga can make our life better.

e) Yoga Makes us happier

                  Practice of Yoga makes us happy. It helps to overcome from depression.It helps to increase in serotonin level and decrease in the level of Monoamine oxidase and cortisol,which are the main reason of anxiety and depression.When anyone feel depression he could never be happy in life. So we can say practice of Yoga can make us happy.

f) Yoga help us to Fight with Depression

                 Practice of Yoga have an anti-depression effect. It helps to decrease the depression.This may be because it helps to increase in serotonin level and decrease in the level of monoamine oxidase and cortisol.

g) Yoga Could Help Improve Breathing

                 Yoga helps to improve our breathing. Pranayama ( Yogic breathing) is a practice in yoga that helps to control our breath through breathing exercise and techniques.In every Yoga practice includes breathing exercise. Several studies have found that practicing yoga could help improve breathing.Vital capacity is a measure of the maximum amount of air that can be expelled from the lungs.
                                   Practicing of Yoga can help us to recover from lung disease,heart problems and asthma by improving our breathing and keep our heart and lung healthy.

h) Yoga Can Increase Strength

                 Yoga increase our Strength. There are various steps in yoga that helps to increase strength and build muscle. Yoga also improve flexibility.For the first time when any one try to do yoga it become quite difficult but if he practice regularly it become too easy.It means Yoga makes us flexible.

i) Yoga help in increasing blood flow

                  In Yoga practice,there are various steps.Among them relaxation step is one of the important step. It helps in circulation of blood in your hand and feet. It also helps to get more Oxigen to our cell so it functions well. The steps of Yoga that are "Handstand" and "Shoulder stand" helps in flow back of blood to our heart.
                                     Thus we can say practicing of Yoga help in increasing of blood flow in our body.

            These are the benefit's of practicing of "Yoga" regularly. However there are many other benefit's of "Yoga". Such as Yoga helps to decrease high blood pressure,it helps us in focus,it helps us to maintain our blood sugar,it improves our balance,helps in the process of nerve system,keep us away from depression and tension,help us to sleep well,gives us inner strength and most valuable and great benefit's of Yoga is it help us keeps away from any drug because it keep us away from all disease. So these are the benefit's of Yoga.

In this article we discussed about the benefit's of Yoga.Hope you like this article.If you like this article please comment your suggestion and keep loving and keep supporting. Thnak you

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